Azimut Flybridge

Azimut ​40 Flybridge

All of the technological solutions and elements of comfort, style and elegance that distinguish the Azimut Yachts Flybridge Collection are wrapped up in 12 metres. These are what make the 40 the most prestigious entry in the world of engine-powered boats. Azimut 40 Flybridge brochure in PDF Azimut Flybridge 40

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Azimut ​45 Flybridge

It just takes one look. They say, a picture says a thousand words. This is certainly the case with Azimut 45, a flybridge whose silhouette displays a perfect balance of shapes.

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Azimut ​48 Flybridge

A generously-lit 3 cabin lower deck, integrated with the main deck Beauty isn’t everything? But it really does matter if that beauty happens to be the new Azimut 48, a boat ahead of its time in concept, design and profile, which, together, give the impression of a yacht in movement.

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Azimut ​54 Flybridge

The boat owner in the foreground, in an oasis of privacy and comfort. The desire for a balance between the elegance of the external lines and the need to build structures suitable for extending total comfort to the owner and his guests, has produced the Azimut 53. This yacht offers.

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Azimut ​60 Flybridge

A leading boat in all respects: from its spaces dedicated to life in the open air to the beauty of its lines; from its stylish appointments to the comfort it offers to owners and guests alike, who are free to move about in an oasis of privacy. Azimut 60 Flybridge.

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Azimut ​64 Flybridge

Its more than 2000 HP of power and the light weight of the carbon fibre outline a design that focuses on the comfort and safety of the owner and his entourage. The lines of The deckhouse exude elegance and harmony with its stylish dynamic windows further enhanced by the “fin”.

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Azimut ​70 Flybridge

The comfort of 4 suites, the elegance of the main deck, and the largest flybridge in its category. The Azimut 70’s 22 metres of hull length seem endless in a photograph… and it appears even larger in the water, elegantly reflecting the grace with which it was designed. A revolution.

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Azimut ​78 Flybridge

Light defines and envelopes sinuous elegant lines that guard the secret of balanced beauty. The large mirror-finished windows on the main deck are situated in the midst of superb elegance further enhanced by natural light. The bow characterises a grand planing vessel, marking the creation of a silhouette synonymous with.

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Azimut 84 Flybridge

Functional spaces, elegant and sophisticated details create the perfect private island. Smooth design accentuates the voluminous spaces inside. The profile of the Azimut 84 combines sinuosity, elegance and innovation thanks to its load-bearing structures.

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Azimut 88 Flybridge

27 square metres of owner and guests privacy, borne of innovative solutions, and light that reveals new entry points on the lower deck. The silhouette is true to lines that typically express that familiar Azimut design, whereas the glass windows in the deckhouse – as well as the double panoramic.

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Azimut 95 Flybridge

Combines sportiness and elegance. With its exclusive interior layout, it proves to be an elegant loft designed to assure owner and guests entertainment and relaxation. The 100 Leonardo is a class of its own; a yacht of extremely refined design with uniquely stylish and dynamic lines. The superstructure is set

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Azimut ​100 Leonardo

30 metres of comfort, generous exterior surfaces and large windows… always in contact with the sea and the open air.
The dynamic lines of its profile are in addition to the airinspired three 3 square metres windows.

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