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Azimut ​Atlantis 34

Azimut Atlantis 34 pris og annonce Sporty, with a touch of class A great sport boat and a comfortable cruiser. Atlantis 34 surprising because of its external aspects and internal volumes with an open space that dedicates all the space to daily comfort and a separate master cabin for privacy

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Azimut ​Atlantis 38

When you see the convenience of the exterior, with a beach area of more than 3 square meters at the stern, you immediately know why it attracts attention. When you experience the convertibility of the spaces, with an outdoor dinette that converts to a sun pad, and a soft top that can be opened.

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Azimut ​Atlantis 44

Relaxation is the key word. Thanks to its open area, where there is a separate sun pad, dinette and chaise longue that form a unique space for your wellness. Because of the convenient storage
space as well as the ergonomic galley. 

Cruising is a true pleasure, thanks to Atlantis.

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Azimut ​Atlantis Verve

Time off, cruise on. The perfect addition to a beach house: a fast, comfortable, and safe walkaround for medium-range cruises, where convenience combines with versatile comfort and Italian style: a sun pad area at the stern converts into a dining area for 6 people, with privileged access to the sea.

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Azimut ​Atlantis 48

Amazing outside, startling inside. The Soft Top excites you, with an opening of over 1.70 metres and with side windows that are semi-open for perfect ventilation. The cockpit captures your attention. It is connected to the beach platform with two access points and oversized walkways.

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Azimut ​Atlantis 58

The sea according to Atlantis. The excitement that comes from speeds of over 40 knots; the freedom of the choice between crew cabin or tender garage, the versatile style that allows you to choose amongst 3 customisations on the lower deck. This is what life at sea is about. This is Atlantis 58.

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